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Irish Red Cross Updates PEI on Somalia Appeal Donation

In August last, PEI made a donation of €10, 000 to the Irish Red Cross to help those affected by the severe drought in Somalia. Emma Doyle, Corporate and Major Gifts Executive at the Irish Red Cross, recently updated PEI on how the donation is helping support several life-saving activities, including:

• 12 new feeding centres providing therapeutic feeding and supplementary feeding for children under 5, pregnant and lactating women and other vulnerable people
• 10, 000 children being treated for severe acute malnutrition at these centres
• 9 new mobile health and nutrition teams in addition to the three that began at the start of the year
• Emergency food (rice, beans and cooking oil) being distributed to 162, 000 people in central and southern Somalia

Although it appreciates that the situation in Somalia still remains highly critical, PEI is pleased that its contribution is playing a small part in helping those affected.

The company would also like to take this opportunity to show its admiration for organisations such as the Irish Red Cross and their continued efforts in Somalia.

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