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PEI - Changing People's Lives.

In 2016, as part of an ongoing strategic review, PEI employees and management began a journey to define its higher purpose. This comprehensive process examined what it meant to be part of PEI, and how the company could best serve its numerous stakeholders.
The process took into account our business objectives, our strong ethical values and the wishes of all our employees - in essence, defining our overall raison d’ĂȘtre. Some months later the outputs of the process have finally come to life and we are now very happy to share them with you.
The overarching message is quite simple – We are all about people. The quality products we supply and service for clinicians are ultimately to help patients – to deliver a better quality to life – and to change people’s lives for the better.
To this end we developed a Higher Purpose Manifesto, to which all employees contributed. This is something of a mantra, which summarises what we are all about, both as an organisation and as a collection of individuals.
Higher Purpose Manifesto:
Healthcare. For us, it’s not simply a word. It’s a promise. A promise to care. To put people at the heart of every decision we make. To see past a disease, look beyond a product, and strive to enhance people’s lives. Making a commitment to clinicians, patients and employees. We listen. We innovate. And delve deeper to make things better. Because we know that people’s care is a responsibility, and it’s not one we take lightly. It’s why we always look at the human side. Why we have a hunger for problem solving and pushing forward. Why we strive to ensure everyone has a voice. And why we endeavour to stay competitive, fair, and transparent. Our ethics, integrity and standards shine through everything we do, because trust is earned, and that’s something we never forget. We believe in keeping people moving. Keeping them healthy. Maximising their quality of life with effective integrated healthcare. We stand for the doing the right thing. We stand for putting people first. We are dedicated to changing people’s lives for the better. We are PEI.
For the vast majority of colleagues the key message from the above is that we are dedicated as a company to changing people’s lives for the better. In fact, so strong was this sentiment that we decided to add this message as a slogan to our brand, logo and corporate identity.
 PEI Logo 2017
As you can see from our new logo above, the changes from our previous logo are very small and extremely subtle from a design perspective – however the rationale for the change means so much more, for everyone in the organisation.
But that pretty much sums up what we’re about, it’s the small things we do to make our customers lives easier - ultimately, improving the lives of all those around us.
If you would like to know more about the change please ask one of your local hospital representatives or call PEI on +353 1 4196900.