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PEI Supporting Haven’s Earthquake Appeal

We have all sat and looked at the images from Haiti over the past few weeks and couldn’t help but be affected by the tragedy experienced by so many people. We have read the horrific details of the earthquake and its aftermath, and some of us have considered ways we could help.

In an effort to play its part, Catriona Keily and Susan Mc Namara recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. This consisted of a 6 day climb summiting on 5 February 2010. Mount Kilimanjaro is 19,341ft high - twelve times as high as the Sugar Loaf Mountain in Wicklow. It is extremely cold on the summit with the wind chill temperatures reaching anything as low as -40 degrees below zero. It can be difficult to breathe as the air is extremely thin at this altitude.  A person climbing will be working on fifty per cent of their normal levels of oxygen.  On summit day they will walk for between nine and fifteen hours depending on their energy levels.

 Catriona and Susan were keen to raise money for Haiti and so climbed for Haven’s “Earthquake Appeal”. Haven is a Haitian based house and community building NGO founded in 2008 by Leslie and Carmel Buckley. Haven is working on the ground in Port au Prince responding to the emergency caused by the earthquake.

We are delighted to announce that Catriona and Susan both reached the summit raising over €14,445 for Haven’s “Earthquake Appeal”. This figure was then matched by PEI to bring the total raised to €28,890.

Haven’s “Earthquake Appeal” still urgently needs funds to help its team bring its vital work in Port au Prince to as many people as possible. Donations can be made on line securely via Cheques can be sent to Haven, the Malthouse, Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 2. Or phone the office on 01 433 3930.

If you would like to know more about Haven, please visit