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PEI begin distribution of JustRight Surgical® range

PEI is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Just Right Surgical® from Boulder, Co. (USA) to distribute its innovative range of precision instruments for general surgery in the Irish market.

JustRight Surgical®  is committed to developing right-sized surgical devices that address a previously unmet need: the ability to access confined spaces and operate effectively on delicate tissue bundles and fine structures. They do this because working to improve patient outcomes and quality of care is the right thing to do.

The innovative range includes:
1). Just Right™ Generator JR100
2). Just Right™ Sealer JR-SE20
3). Just Right™ 5mm Stapler JR-ST25:

Just Right™ Generator JR100:
The JustRight™ Generator's low-power bipolar output delivers less than 25 watts of controlled energy. Now you can operate around delicate tissue and fine structures with confidence, achieving desired clinical effect with minimal thermal spread or tissue charring. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the United States.

Just Right™ Sealer JR-SE20:
The JustRight Sealer multi-function instrument is just right for general surgery where access to surgical sites with conventionally-sized technology has been limited. A precisely-sized surgical device, the JustRight Sealer multi-function instrument was designed with input from leading surgeons and is ideal for procedures requiring precise dissection, grasping and sealing of vascular bundles and vessels up to and including 5 mm in diameter.

The ergonomic design and just right size of the instrument enhances visibility, provides greater access in confined spaces and does not require deviation from standard surgical technique.

Looking for an instrument that improves procedural approaches and promotes better access in confined spaces? Look no further than the JustRight Sealer multi-function instrument.

Just Right™ 5mm Stapler JR-ST25:
The JustRight 5mm Stapler is raising the bar in general and pediatric surgery. The reduced instrument shaft and optimized jaw length are the advancements that you have been waiting for in procedures where access is limited, visibility is reduced and precision is essential. You no longer need to use oversized, over powered instruments in your most delicate patients. The JustRight 5mm Stapler was developed with input from surgeons whose procedures require precise ligation and resection.

The JustRight 5mm Stapler delivers innovations 40 years in the making:

  • 9 times smaller than existing stapling instruments
  • Security of the gold standard B staple formation
  • Flexibly in stapler placement with 5 mm shaft diameter
  • Smooth and efficient stapling and cutting in one motion
  • Optimal jaw length for maneuverability into small spaces
  • Easy repositioning with 360 degree jaw rotation
  • Easy to use one handed operation.

If you would like more information about the JustRight Surgical® range, please contact Sharon Fitzpatrick, New Business Development Manager,  ( or call PEI at +353 1 4196900.