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World Record Fever Grips PEI

After many, many weeks in planning and preparations, the 29th is finally almost here.While most Irish people crave sunshine at this time of year, PEI is clearly hoping for rain in is attempting to break the "Guinness World Record" for the world’s largest rain dance in support of the Focus Ireland charity. The event takes place this Sunday May 29th 2011 at Carton House, Maynooth, Co. Kildare from 12 noon. 

PEI hopes to support, in particular, Aylward Green, a project of Focus Ireland's, which provides emergency accommodation for families. As well as raising funds, PEI is developing a garden allotment to help teach Aylward Green’s children all about gardening, nutrition and self development. It is hoped that the rains which follow (and hopefully not too much!) will help the garden to blossom and mature quickly facilitating PEI to inspire the young children to learn about food and diet, and provide them with a ‘live’ classroom scenario.

According to Robert Keily from PEI, “This is a very exciting initiative for us, not alone the World Record attempt, but moreover the opportunity to work with such a worthwhile charity as Focus Ireland and the excellent work they do in Aylward Green”.