PEI’S Loaner service has been in existence since 1995, and has grown to become an essential part of it's value added service offering to hospitals. In recognition of the importance of this service, PEI established a dedicated team - This Sale or Return service was branded in 2003 as Surgikit.

Hospitals avail of this service to ensure that a surgeon has a full set of surgical implants and instruments for a surgical procedure. Once a case is booked, a hospital needs to be confident that they will have all of the necessary instrumentation, in perfect mechanical order, supplied in good time to allow for sterilisation. In addition, the surgeon needs to be confident that there is a full range of implant sizes available so that the optimum choice can be made for the patient.

PEI’s Surgikit has a purpose built facility on site. It is made up of the following areas:

  •  Four separate areas enabling the different classification of the component parts of each set (Instruments & Implants).
  • Contamination control through a double- door entry system with restricted access into all areas within the facility.
  • The development of an approved Quality system for Surgikit.
  • Kits storage facility.
  • A washer disinfector for Quality assurance.