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17 Nov



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PEI is delighted to announce that we have been officially recognised as one of the Best Workplaces in Pharma & HealthcareTM in 2022, a recognition based on direct feedback from employees, provided aspart of an extensive and anonymous survey about the workplace experience. PEI was recognised on Thursday 17th of November 2022.

“2022 marks the first year of our Best Workplaces in Pharma & Healthcare recognition and I’m delighted to congratulate all those who were recognised. The Pharma & Healthcare industry is an integral part of Ireland’s economy, and with tens of thousands employed in this sector, it is crucial to ensure these employees feel secure and fulfilled at work. These organisations recognised today prove why Ireland is a top location for this sector, with a high trust rate and great company culture across the board.

Especially after a tough couple of years, the fact that these organisations have shown they are committed to going above and beyond for their employees has certainly solidified their place as some of the Best Workplaces in Pharma & Healthcare. They should be extremely proud of this achievement.I want to commend every one of these organisations for their commitment to keeping up great practices throughout even the most trying of times and I look forward to seeing how they progress in the coming years,” said Cathal Divilly, CEO of Great Place to Work® Ireland.

About Great Place to Work® and the Assessment Process

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, it has surveyed more than 100 million employees worldwide and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: trust. Their employee survey platform empowers leaders with the feedback, real-time reporting and insights they need to make data-driven people decisions. Everything they do is driven by the mission to build a better world by helping every organisation become a great place to work For All TM.

PEI are delighted to receive this recognition from Great Place to Work®

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