Create Better Outcomes in the Operating Room

PEI provides high-quality products that improve safety and efficiency in operating theatres and clinics.

"PEI has been of great service in the supply and support of multiple cardiovascular products in Ireland for many years. Their ready availability, support at clinical cases, and reability has been excellent"

- Professor David Keane, Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist

"I've know PEI for more than 20 years and they are the distributor of choice in Ireland because they consistently take the best of what I have to offer and make it better"

- Richard Twomey, CEO, Molnlycke

"I've been dealing with PEI for 17 years and they have always delivered. Reliability, consistency and excellence are the cornerstone of their success."

- Dr Ashley Poynton, Consultant Spinal Surgeon
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Our Partners in the Operating Room.

Ansel, PEI partner in the operating room
Xodus Medical, PEI partner in the operating room

For 125 years, Ansell has delivered the most advanced protection solutions to millions of people at work and at home, keeping them out of harm’s way. Their expertise, innovative products, and advanced technology give customers peace of mind and confidence. Ansell’s mission is to provide innovative safety solutions in a trustworthy and reliable manner, creating an Ansell-protected world.

Xodus Medical was started nearly a quarter century ago by brothers Craig and Mark Kaforey and has now grown into a thriving medical device manufacturer that provides safety solutions to over 10,000 hospitals and surgery centres.
Over the years, the company's organic growth has allowed the manufacture of over 1,100 different products and has established a major global market presence in over 55 countries.

Helping others provide better healthcare solutions is what drives Xodus Medical every day.

PEI difference in the operating room

Our Difference in the Operating Room

PEI understands how important it is to protect our customer’s most valuable asset – their hands. We’ve been the Irish partner for Ansell gloves for over 30 years and currently employ a specialist gloves team to help guide theatres and individual clinicians through glove choices that maximise both safety and comfort.

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