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PEI is the proud distributor for the Butterfly Network ultrasound solution in Ireland.

"Our mission is to democratise healthcare by making medical imaging accessible to everyone"

- Jonathan M. Rothberg, Founder, Butterfly Network
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Our Partner in Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Depuy Synthes is PEI partner in the Orthopaedics

With its breakthrough Ultrasound-on-ChipTM technology, Butterfly brings the power of ultrasound into your assessment, diagnosis and treatment process. As a comprehensive imaging solution, Butterfly has the potential to transform care delivery across the healthcare ecosystem.

PEI Differences in Orthopaedics

Our Difference in Point-of-Care Ultrasound

PEI compliments Butterfly Network’s innovative scanning, software and training solution, with a local education and support curriculum designed for Irish clinicians wanting to increase proficiency with Point-of-Care Ultrasound. This includes both virtual and in-person training, case support, mentoring and accreditation.

Butterfly iQ+™ is a Class IIa portable ultrasound system designed for ultrasound imaging by trained healthcare professionals. Carefully read and understand all cautions, warnings and operational instructions prior to use.

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